The Ten Roads to Riches: The Ways the Wealthy Got There
(and How You Can Too!)

The good news? Despite whatever you may have believed, making $30 million—or even getting super rich in a lifetime—isn't all that hard. It's just misunderstood.

To methodically get rich, there are only ten basic roads—basic ways to get there. But ten different paths can be confusing, hence the need for this book. This is a funny, serious, spirited, detailed yet very personal micro and macro inspection of how very wealthy people get that way and how you could too!

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All these roads aren’t for everyone, but at least one can be right for everyone who really wants to be wealthy. There are some people who went down one road successfully and switched to another, but most wealthy people travel one road their whole lives, happily.

Becoming rich usually means doing good and often living an exciting life. You’ll see this beneficent effect repeatedly in people who changed the world for the better: Doing good while getting rich and enjoying their lives.

Some people profiled in this book are worth emulating. Others are (sometimes comical) examples of what not to do—but even the more comical individuals profiled have made big wealth.

Read The Ten Roads to Riches today to see which is right for you. Years of experience has allowed Ken Fisher to observe, and now share, what he learned with you.

What are the Ten Roads?

1. Start a successful business—the richest road!

2. Become the CEO of an existing firm and juice it—a very mechanical function.

3. Hitch to a successful visionary's wagon and ride along—it's high value-added.

4. Turn celebrity into wealth—or wealth into celebrity and then more wealth!

5. Marry well—really, really well.

6. Steal it, legally—no guns necessary!

7. Capitalize on other people's money (OPM)—where most of the mega-rich are.

8. Invent an endless future revenue stream—even if you're not an inventor!

9. Trump the land barons by monetizing unrealized real estate wealth!

10. Go down the Road More Traveled—save hard, invest well—forever!