Select Press Clippings For Ken Fisher's Book,
The Ten Roads to Riches

The Ten Roads to Riches, Lauchlan Mackinnon, Think Differently!, 7/7/09
"I'd recommend this book. Even if you do not particularly want to reach the mega wealthy status at the end of the road to riches, there is plenty of useful advice about success."

Finding Your Road to Riches: 10 Ways the Wealthy Do It with Ken Fisher, 4/24/09
Super Stocks Success Magazine summarizes the ten common paths that can lead to big wealth with excerpts from Ken Fisher's bestselling book.

10 Roads to Riches, Jeff Pierce,, 2/5/09

Ken Fisher The Ten Roads to Riches interview, Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava, 1/24/09
Jim Puplava interviews The Ten Roads to Riches author and Fisher Investments CEO Ken Fisher, discussing the key roads to wealth, including the different types of the super rich; CEOs, financiers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs among others.

'Rich Like Them', by Ryan D'Agostino, Adam Lashinsky,, 1/4/2009

Big Bucks Await, Research Magazine, 1/1/2009
Mary Scott gives a positive review of Ken Fisher's 2008 bestseller, summarizing the book's key takeaways and highlighting some provocative points

'The Ten Roads to Riches' review, William K. Sanford Town Library, 12/29/2009

The Ten Roads to Riches, Sonia Eliot, San Diego Weekly Reader, 12/23/2008

Press Release: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Announces Revenue & Earnings Growth for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2009, Financial Content, 12/9/2008

Wealth Special: The 10 roads to great wealth, P V Subramanyam,, 12/3/2008

Literary Life, Mark Sanderson,, 11/14/2008

10 Roads to Riches: Nine Ways to Get Rich - Plus One Foolproof Way, Alexander Green, Jutia Group, 11/11/2008

Fisher Touts 'Roads to Riches',, 10/10/2008